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The conference of the city's three-level cadres and the Municipal Party Committee's Rural Work Conference were held

With the spirit of competition and first-class work standards strive to achieve Xiantao "14th five-year plan" good start good step February 20, the city's three-level Cadres Conference and the Municipal Party Committee of the Rural Work Conference. The meeting praised the advanced, inspiring, and clear objectives and tasks, arranged the deployment of this year's city-wide agricultural and rural work, mobilized city-wide cadres at all levels to advance with the spirit of competition and first-class work standards, and promoted the implementation of various tasks, strive to achieve Xiantao "14th five-year" to start a good bureau, a good step. Municipal Party Committee Secretary Luo Lianfeng attended the meeting and spoke, Mayor Yu Ke presided over the meeting. Yan Qifang, director of the People's Congress, and Yu Wenhua, chairman of the CPPCC, attended the meeting. Zheng Zhang, deputy secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and secretary of the CPC political and legal affairs committee, read out the circular of the CPC Xiantao municipal committee and the Xiantao Government of the People's Republic of China on the annual work assessment in 2020. Municipal Standing Committee members Zhang Jian, Fu Zhiyang, Yin Jiali, Li Shaoyun, Hu Guanghuai, Wu Xiyao, Hu Changwei, Tian Xiaoqin and Zhu huiling attended the meeting. In his speech, Luo Lianfeng said: during the Spring Festival, the whole city will implement the Party Central Committee's decision-making and deployment and the work requirements of provincial Party committees and provincial governments, earnestly carry out all work during the Spring Festival, and the overall social situation in the city will be safe and stable, the whole city people spent a happy and peaceful, safe and healthy Spring Festival. Social stability, years of quiet good behind, is countless people's dedication and perseverance. On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, he expressed his heartfelt thanks and high respect to the comrades and volunteers of all the fronts in the city who have persevered and fought on the front lines during the Spring Festival. Luo Lianfeng stressed: To uphold innovation, carry forward the future, and strive to build "two cities. ". The Eighth Plenary Session of the Ninth CPC Municipal Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the CPC Municipal Committee clearly put forward the goal of building Xiantao into a central city in the west wing of Wuhan City Circle and a Star City in Jianghan Plain during the "14th five-year plan" period. In accordance with the regional development layout of "leading from the main city, driving by two engines and coordinating the three districts" , we will accelerate the establishment of a new type of national urbanization demonstration zone, a national pilot zone for the integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and a model zone for the modernization of regional governance in the whole province and municipality, "three zones and three cities" : national civilized city, National Forest City and National Ecological Garden City, we will devote major efforts to building new engines in the same city, new benchmarks for transformation and upgrading, new heights of openness and innovation, new models for rural revitalization, new business cards for parks and cities, a new life of harmony and happiness, and new models for city governance, build a new Xiantao of socialist modernization in an all-round way and build a benchmark city of socialist modernization. Luo Lianfeng pointed out that the "14th five-year plan" relates to the development of Xiantao in the next five years. All localities and departments should unite their thinking and build consensus, promptly formulate a three-year action plan for quality improvement, scientifically draw up road maps and construction plans, and promptly draw up lists of tasks, projects and responsibilities so as to push forward the implementation of the 14th five-year plan. Luo Lianfeng stressed: After the plot to move, plot fast, a scientific answer to the "three rural four questions. ". We should make clear the target and task of the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in our city in the new development stage, stick to the systematic thinking, follow the working train of thought of "12335" and take the establishment of the national agricultural modernization demonstration area as the goal, focusing on the cultivation of two types of market subjects, namely, leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization and farmers' cooperatives, and taking the construction of "three beauties" in beautiful towns, beautiful villages and beautiful courtyards as carriers, with the Party building leading the autonomous rule of law Tokuji "Sandwich Fusion" as the guarantee, with the industrial revitalization, the talented person revitalization, the cultural revitalization, the ecological revitalization, the organizational revitalization "five revitalization" integration as the direction, do a good job of the work concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the new development stage. Luo Lianfeng pointed out that: to grasp the city's "three rural" high-quality development of the focus. We will effectively link the achievements made in consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts with the revitalization of rural areas, and ensure overall stability during the five-year transition period in accordance with the "four principles" . We will unwaveringly promote agriculture with distinctive features, boost agriculture through science and technology, and boost agriculture through brand names, promote agricultural industrialization with high quality, develop characteristic industry, support leading enterprises and build agricultural brand. Speed up the implementation of rural construction action, scientific preparation of village planning, file upgrade infrastructure, continue to improve the living environment, improve the level of public services. We will continue to deepen comprehensive rural reform, expand the collective economy, dissolve village-level debts, promote the reform of empowering and strengthening towns, deepen the reform of the administrative management system of economically developed towns, give priority to the reform of the financial system, and implement a competitive financial input system, we will vigorously promote the use of awards instead of subsidies, and build first and make up later. We should strengthen the party's overall leadership of the work on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, strengthen organizational leadership, tamp the grass-roots Foundation, strengthen team building, and do a good job in performance assessment. We will carry out a centralized transformation of towns and villages in an orderly manner, with emphasis on the implementation of the "double-cultivation" project and the "head-wild Goose" project. We will select and better match leading bodies of strong towns and townships and members of the "two committees" of villages. We will continue to appoint General Secretary and village-based teams to key villages. We should speed up the establishment of civilized towns and villages and promote the civilization of village style. Luo Lianfeng stressed that party members and cadres at all levels should fully implement the general requirements of "competing for better quality, being courageous as a benchmark and creating new bureaus" , take advantage of the situation, and push all work to be implemented with the "five must" , make sure that the 14th five-year plan is a good start and a good start. We must be political, always have in mind the "big of the country" , firmly follow, table on target, consciously put discipline and rules in front. We must renew our self-cultivation and strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, knowledge and morality. We must be willing to shoulder the responsibility, know the heavy burden, overcome difficulties, and act with a strong spirit to do pioneering work, especially the secretary of the Party branch of each village (residence) to work with feelings, and strive to bring a side economy, benefit a side of the people, and maintain a side of stability. Must be good at implementation, to strive for advanced position, strive for first-class benchmarking awareness, do it right away, do a good job of efficiency awareness, the work to do a solid, do fine, do perfect. We must change our style of work, be realistic and pragmatic, and focus on the "three rushes" , so that all our work will be directed towards problems, towards solving problems, and towards achieving results. We must carry forward the "three bulls spirit" , and forge ahead with a state of "striving for the truth" and a style of work with passion, when serving the people well, serving the children well, innovating and developing, and working hard for the old scalpers; realizing the "three treasures" , cherishing posts, cherishing honor and cherishing families, and fearing law and discipline, power and the people at all times, do Not Cross the line of discipline, do not step on the red line. Luo Lianfeng stressed: the whole city should act quickly, keep positive innovation, carry forward the future, follow the trend and take advantage of the situation to ensure that the work in the new year is high, high and outstanding, to speed up the construction of Wuhan City Circle in the West wing of the central city, to create a star city in Jianghan Plain to make new and greater contributions. Yu Ke requirements: in the "view the trend" to firmly "race into quality" direction, in the "grasp the event" to focus on the "brave when the benchmark" focus, in the "stride" to do a solid "create a new situation" results. To strengthen the sense of urgency and responsibility to seize the day, thinking of the year, focusing on the first season, working hard to maintain the beginning, planning and moving fast, do a good job in industrial economy, project construction, investment, fiscal and tax revenue, rural revitalization and other work, "a good start. ". We need to do a good job in the regular prevention and control of epidemics and continue to consolidate the decisive results of epidemic prevention and control. We need to do a good job in maintaining social stability, make overall plans for development and safety, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of major and major safety accidents. Awards were presented in recognition of outstanding units, advanced enterprises and outstanding individuals in the 2020 annual performance appraisal. The meeting took the form of a teleconference. The main leaders of the Party and government of each town (street, market, garden, district) , the main leaders of the units at the municipal level, some members of the teams of the units at the municipal level, and the leaders of the enterprises and the new-type agricultural management bodies commended attended the meeting at the main venue. Each town (Street, field, garden, district) all department cadres, the main person-in-charge of the township unit, village (community, branch) Party branch secretary at the meeting venue. (Xiantao daily, reporter Li Hui, photographer Guo Shan) Guangbang 2020 industrial and commercial tax contribution of a large family (a total of 25) Hubei Xinxin non-woven Co. , Ltd. . Hubei Province Tobacco Company Xiantao Co. , Ltd. . Hubei Yumin Protective Products Co. , Ltd. . Hengtian Jiahua non-woven Co. , Ltd. . Xiantao Zhongyi Safety Protective Products Co. , Ltd. . Hubei Wanli Protective Products Co. , Ltd. . Hubei Weikang Protective Products Co. , Ltd. . Wangwang group Hubei General Factory Xiantao Shengmei Industry and Trade Co. , Ltd.

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