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Congratulations on Xiantao Yongli Medical Products Co., Ltd.Receiving the Honorary Title of “Enterprises with Outstanding Contribution to Foreign Trade Export for 2020”

As one of the important local manufacturing enterprises for epidemic prevention and control materials in Xiantao, our company actively responded to the government’s call for the quick resumption of economic activity by overcoming all sorts of difficulties during the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak. Not only did we provide goods of the highest quality, but we even outperformed the benchmark tasks allocated by the government. Meanwhile, we proactively heeded the needs of customers at home and abroad by completing the tasks of the new customers ensuring the smooth fulfillment of the tasks assigned by the existing customers.Consequently, our company has been conferred on the honorary title of “Enterprises with Outstanding Contribution to Foreign Trade Export for 2020” by the municipal government of Xiantao City, Hubei Province.Xiantao Yongli Medical Products Co., Ltd. is a responsible enterprise by fully demonstrating the founders’humanistic feelings and duties. We have made due contributions to the epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad in critical periods such as the battles to defend Hubei Province and its capital city Wuhan, and we have been widely accepted by various sectors of society.

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