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The market economy has gradually generated a business philosophy of customercentricity over years of development, and our company observes it with solid understanding. With heightened attention paid by the company’s founders and their leadership, the customer-centric philosophy has long been ingrained in every facet of the company management, including our corporate culture, mission, values, decision management mechanism, management system, process regulation, and more importantly, each product that we provide to our customers.Our company adheres to the principle that our customers make the ultimate decisions on the quality of our products. Weare willing to address and exploreall reasonable needs and intentions brought by our customers, whether explicit or potential ones. Meanwhile, our company is intolerable of all the deeds that are against customers’ reasonable needs and intentions and regard them as the red linesin our operations.With our company’s specified regulations and systems, we ensure that every product and service offered byuswill satisfy the needs of customers. As always, we will cooperate with both new and existing customerswholeheartedly with our original aspiration of customer-centricity to express our committed sincerity.